Angie Seidel started designing and launched GET OUTSIDE clothing co. in April of 2019. She started with products with her logo and her "G.O." statement tees and hoodies. She fell in love with the "G.O" as a short form of her business name GET OUTSIDE, where statements such as "G.O. Fish", "G.O. Watch Your Own Bobber", and "G.O. Take a Hike" came alive. Her "G.O" statements have grown tremendously since then, and continue to change with the seasons!

She designed a collection of high quality, comfortable goods that her and her family loved to wear. She extended her collections to include infant and youth as her company grew quickly within the first few months of her launch.

Angie is incredibly passionate about her business and what it stands for which is why GET OUTSIDE clothing co. helps to support organizations get youth and adults active in outdoor activities, and will continue to be something her company works towards.